Sunday, December 16, 2012

How conference works

This morning kicks off with an address by the ANC’s President Zuma which we all can attend and likely to be lengthy.

This will be followed by the secretary-general, Gwede Mantashe’s organisational report. The treasurer's report that follows is not open to the media. Nor will the credential process be. Late tonight at 11.30, it is expected that we will once again report on the outcome of the nominations in order that voting can proceed tomorrow.

On Monday, the first day of commissions, “organisational renewal and strategy and tactics”, are to be discussed by all 16 commissions. The second round will include a discussion of “policy issues”. The forth day will consists of plenary sessions which will receive reports and recommendations from the commissions.

On the final day, policies and programmes of action for the next five years will be presented and the reading of the “declaration of conference” as well as the closing will be conducted by the newly-elected ANC president.

The ANC has 12 provinces for the purpose of electing the leadership. These include the 9 regional provinces and the three leagues: the ANC Women’s League, ANC Youth League and the ANC Veterans League.

The process includes the auditing of members and branches, branch nominations, provincial nomination conferences for six official positions and 80 NEC members. At this stage all provinces have completed their nomination processes and candidates are now being screened to ensure they meet the organisations requirements. 50% of the nominated candidates should be female.

The PEC and NEC dealt with challenges that occurred during the nomination process. The Electoral Commission (EC) does not make any predictions as to the outcome of the elections.

Election results are expected some time on MONDAY OR EARLY ON TUESDAY.

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