Monday, December 17, 2012

Pens, notepads and no action

Linda Fekisi and Moeketsi Mogotsi write:

It was all very confusing. First, ANC spokesperson Keith Khoza arrived in the media lounge and summoned journalists.  We must hurry to the main marquee, where all the main conference sessions take place, because the finalization of  delegates’ credentials was now on the agenda and this session was open to journalists, unlike the proceedings earlier in the day.
The man with the his right hand raised is the ANC security guard shouting at the media...

After rushing to the main marquee to get one of the 200 seats allocated to more than 850 media representatives, there was another surprise. Gwede Mantashe took the microphone and demanded to know why we were there. “This is a closed session, the media is not allowed in,” he declared. We had barely sat down when we had to hurriedly pack up our laptops and put away our pens and note pads. ANC security then ushered us out, getting heavy with journalists who showed resistance.

We were then told to go into this marquee and wait...

We were then ordered to squeeze ourselves into a much smaller tent outside the main marquee. We were told to wait in this tent, which can only described as a giant microwave, with no air conditioners or chairs, until further notification.                                      

Suddenly we're told we can go in again.

This is the latest incident in the series of misunderstandings that have occurred between the conference organisers and the media in Mangaung. 

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