Sunday, December 16, 2012

Zuma is on song

Linda Fekisi writes:

Where there is Zuma, there is song
Mangaung has been hit by the Jacob Zuma song bug. The atmosphere inside the tent right now is electrifying, energised and on such a high musical note. The note, set by the president just before his opening speech, has  lit the spark for the conference. 

At the start of his opening speech this morning, President Jacob Zuma broke out in song. The Zulu song "Inde lendlela esiyihambayo", translating to "It has been a long journey"  can be seen as a way of Zuma celebrating not only the centenary of the ANC but also the end of the long journey from Polokwane 2007.

 Jacob Zuma’s ability to use rhythm and sound with his supporters is a highly effective strategy. The strength of his support  inside the tent seems to grow minute by minute. Songs such as “Sizobuya naye Umsholozi” – “We will come back with Msholozi”,”Siwele wele Zuma” and  “Moya oyantayela ore ke khethe Zuma” – “The spirit is leading me to choose Zuma” have got delegates dancing in excitement.

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