Sunday, December 16, 2012

Lindiwe Sisulu: I will 'kill' Trevor

On Saturday morning at 6 am we filed a story saying that Trevor Manuel will not avail himself for election to the ANC’s NEC.

This morning, NEC member and cabinet minister, Lindiwe Sisulu asked me if this was indeed fact.

When I confirmed it, she said: “I will kill him. How can he do this when we have been working so hard to convince branches to elect strong people? Please write about it.

“How can he do this unilaterally? He is dead – dead.”

We spoke shortly before the start of the conference, when I was in the venue for 15 minutes. It was then announced that all media had to leave, because we had not kept to the numbers we had agreed to last night.

Our UFS team chose three of our team to attend. Watch out for their reports.

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